Valentine’s Day and the Single Woman

Well, it is here again, the dreaded “holiday” where Singles feel the most rejection. If you have any rejection issues in your life, they are triggered today. The expectation and disappointment of being single at Valentine’s Day can really get to you if you don’t take control of your thoughts and put things into prospective. Just because you are single at Valentine’s Day does not mean that you are unwanted, unchosen and unloved. We do, however, sometimes need to remind ourselves of just that.
We are loved! We are loved by a Heavenly Father, loved by our children, friends and family (for the most part) and our pets (yes, even your cat loves you). Some of us struggle more with rejection and the feeling of not being loved than others but there is someone in your life who loves you. There is someone who counts on you and your presence to help them to have a better day and when they think of you, they smile. There is someone who looks forward to seeing you and knowing that you are in their lives. There is someone who misses you when they haven’t seen or spoken to you in a while. There is someone who would love to hear from you today.
We may be single on Valentines by choice. Maybe your being single is by choice because you have chosen to free yourself from a relationship which is toxic or codependent or even abusive. Maybe you have not met anyone worthy of your time and energy or just not the right fit for you and your life. Maybe you have chosen to focus on raising your children, furthering your career or finishing your degree and just do not feel that it would be fair to someone to not be available to them. Maybe you are in between relationships and have resisted the urge to just date someone to have a date a Valentine’s Day. Well for whatever reason you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day, take heart, there are many of us out here, single and yet not rejected, nor unloved, nor unlovable. Just single and sometimes 1 is a complete number. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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