Be Grateful for Being You

Happy Thanksgiving! Heading into the holidays, how are you feeling? Hopefully, you can find something for which to be grateful in this season of reflection and the beginning of the season of celebration and togetherness.

This season brings families together and while that is a good thing sometimes it can also be a challenge. I would like to encourage you to enjoy the holidays and to remember who you are and what your life is about rather than to give in to the stress of the season.

Take the time to reflect during this season upon the things and people in your life for which you are grateful. Often we get so caught up in the stress of the season that we miss the joy and connection that is possible. Set some goals and boundaries on the front end and it will be a much more enjoyable and fruitful holiday.

Take time to reflect. Set some time aside to think about what this season means to you and remind yourself to reconnect to your values. If you find that you have slipped in prioritizing your life according to your value system, this is a good time to make the adjustment. What has been good in your life and what have you done well this year? Also, what is not so good and where have you gotten off track? Maybe it is time to course correct and head into the holidays with purpose.

Focus on your goals for the season. What is important to you during this holiday season? How do you want to spend your time and with whom? Is there a tradition which you want to continue or add to this time? With whom do you want to spend some extra time? Take time to schedule what is important to you before life and someone else’s priorities take over your seasonal calendar and you find yourself wishing you had been able to do something which there was just no time for.

Be present. Whatever you decide you want to do and with whomever you decide to spend time, be there. Be there not just in body but in spirit, with your whole self, mind, body, emotions and spirit. Be mindful of your presence and the presence of others. What are you feeling? What are they showing you? The gift of being present is the most valuable gift you can give. Often we miss real connection because we are not fully present.

Don’t lose yourself. Remember who you are and don’t lose yourself as you try to meet the demands and desires of others at the expense of your own. Love is often about sacrifice but it is also about presenting your authentic self. If you have to be someone else to be accepted and loved, there is a problem and you need to reassess why you are willing to give yourself away to make someone else happy.

Enjoy yourself and your friends and family! Family can sometimes be difficult so be mindful of who you are and that life is short. Don’t allow others to steal your peace and your time. This is your holiday season, make it memorable in a good way.wp-1479836848154.jpg