Facing a New Season

Yes, it has been a while and it is definitely not January 1st but I am looking at a new season and that has me contemplating some of the positives and negatives about the prior season. Looking into this new season also brings excitement and anticipation for this goal which is soon to be reached and what comes next. For those who have followed me and my crazy life for sometime you may remember that I went back to graduate school and became a licensed counselor in 2016, first in North Carolina and then in South Carolina. I have since been working on getting my hours of clinical supervision while seeing clients, at first part time and now full time. The process has been long and at times I have wanted to just give up and quit honestly, as the end goal of 1500 clinical hours, the requirement for my state, seemed so daunting and in truth, impossible at times.

I wish I could say they are completed, as that was my plan at the beginning of 2020, to have them completed by year end. That is not the case. I, like most, have had quite a few goals for 2020 that I did not reach and sadly experienced some disappointment but the end is now in sight. I should be able to complete these hours within the next three months and officially become a licensed professional counselor (LPC) rather than just a licensed professional counselor associate (LPCA) which I have been for almost five years now. What is the difference, you may ask or maybe it doesn’t really matter to anyone but me. My clients have received the same service for less money as I have gained experience and further knowledge. For me, it is just a goal achieved, a plateau reached, an end of an era.

My business is continuing to grow and this in and of itself will not change it except for I will no longer require supervision and this will open up some opportunities which were not previously there. My licensure is soon to be complete, my daughter is grown and engaged to be married in the Fall and I am looking to the future. I have rarely been a person who is content to “sit on my laurels” so to speak and although some of my life goals have taken far more time than I expected and there have definitely been some setbacks, I do not usually sit still for long. I do have for my business goals and personal goals, as well for this year but my question is do I want to take on a new challenge. I could just enjoy the fruit of my labor, deepening friendships, being mother of the bride, relaxing and enjoying some of my favorite pastimes such as reading, hiking, kayaking, traveling or is there something more for this season. I always say, “If I were younger I would pursue a doctorate” but is it too late or is that not really even a desire anymore. Maybe I am rambling or maybe I just have never found myself here before and though possibilities are no longer endless I am not finished stretching myself.

What this year or this season will bring, who can say. I do know that this last year of challenge, confusion, frustration, sadness, heartbreak, joy, passion, a new puppy and great times of laughter and fellowship with friends has brought growth and grounding of who I am and what really matters to me. I look forward to this next season and new adventures, big or small. For those who have been a part of it, thank you. For those who have walked away, you have opened doors and time for others. I still have that memoir waiting in the wings to be tweaked and published. I still have that puppy to enjoy belly laughs with almost daily and to train to not be obnoxious. I still have people to love and to help to grow. Who knows where I will show up next?


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