Life is Seasonal

If you haven’t figured it out, life is seasonal. I was just considering the summer equinox and began to ponder the idea of the seasons of life. When we are young we are in such a hurry. In a hurry to drive. In a hurry to graduate. In a hurry to leave home. In a hurry to go to college or get married. In a hurry to have a baby. In the middle stages we have so much to do that often we can’t  enjoy it because of stress. The stress of our career. The stress of our marriage. The stress of raising our children. The stress of being in college and making the grade. Then there is the stage that myself and many of my friends find themselves in, the mature stage. We often want life just to slow down. Our children are grown or getting there. Our health might not be what we would like it to be. Our jobs are winding down or taking us in a new direction. Our marriages may have ended or spouses passed away. We are no longer looking to climb the ladder of success or find that bigger, dream house or the person of our dreams to build a life with.

I have some advise for whichever season in which you find yourself. My advise is enjoy it. Life is fast. You never know when that person will no longer be with you or that opportunity will never present itself again. I have learned that every season ends. If the season you are in is bliss, enjoy every minute because it won’t last. If the season is painful, buckle down, keep your faith and hope and look for the lesson because this too shall pass.  If this season is a challenge, you will survive and come out stronger on the other side. When I was young I hated change but found it to be an inevitable part of life so I have learned to embrace and welcome it. A new season brings a mix of fear and joy. Once you push through the fear, there is joy in every season. Even painful times will result in joy once you pass through them. Nothing makes us appreciate life more than surviving a hard time.

Slow down! You may miss the beauty and hidden gem in this season if you are just rushing to get through it. I have always heard with age comes wisdom and I  have found that to be true but my wisdom tells me that I missed some important things  trying to get here quickly.  I also miss some of the things from other seasons but I now take this time to look back and appreciate what it took for me to get here. Today is the first official day of summer. Many wait all year for summer so enjoy it. Enjoy the slower pace because, yes it’s hot. Enjoy the outdoor activities because, yes cold weather will return. Take a vacation because your brain and body need it. Enjoy every season of nature and of life because this time will never come again. There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. Ecc. 3:1