When Covid-19 Hits Home aka The Twilight Zone

Well we have all heard about it and have all been affected by it in some small or large ways but this week it has hit home for us. On Saturday my daughter, who lives with me, tested positive for Covid-19. She and I both have been primarily working from home since March. Two weeks ago she returned to work in her office and less than a week later she came home sick. At first we were hoping for the best and just taking care of her while she worked from home but mostly keeping her primarily in her room.  Once she tested positive, I was tested and we began to get serious about treating her while attempting to keep me well. All friend visits have had to end, although they were limited since March already but when the “plague” hits you are isolated.

We are unable to just relax and be at home around working, there is now a special regimen. The regimen includes masks, special handling with gloves for dishes and other items. Washing sheets and towels in hot water. Airing out the house (thankfully we are having some cooler weather). Daily wiping down surfaces outside of her quarantined area (bedroom and bathroom) with, get ready for it…vodka.  Recommendation from a friend whose daughter and son in law had gone through everyone in their home being afflicted after the military base on which her husband works being hit. Their recommendation: vodka for cleaning surfaces, sanitizer and Lysol deemed less effective and vodka has no fumes like bleach.

So now I can’t see clients in person until I experience no symptoms for a week following my negative test result and she has to have two negatives in two weeks prior to her returning to work. I totally understand that we want to keep everyone safe and not risk anyone else getting it. We feel certain that someone else did not take the precautions that they should have and that is why my daughter has it and we are now dealing with all of this. South Carolina just put more strict guidelines into place for my business so once I am clear, I will have to meet clients at their cars and take their temperatures before letting them into the building for any face to face sessions. After the sessions, I have to sanitize the office between clients as I have previously been doing. Oh yes, and I failed to mention that my daughter has almost always worn a mask when taking limited trips away from home because she knew that she was at risk. I, on the other hand, only began to wear a mask since she was diagnosed. My trips were somewhat limited as well, other than being outside hiking or kayaking alone or with friends but I did not wear a mask.

So what is the answer to this insanity? Do we stay in our homes and do everything online and no longer interact with each other? Do we wear masks and constantly clean everything? Do we all take a vaccine which will likely be developed through a company owned by Bill Gates who has a bad track record so far with vaccines? At least my daughter will not have to decide on that one. I am not here with answers only questions on this one but I would like to voice what a lot of us are feeling and thinking in these times. “This feels like an episode of the Twilight Zone.”

Now some of you are not old enough to remember this interesting and ahead of it’s time science fiction television show. A lot of us watched it in black and white, religiously back in the 60’s and 70’s. You always felt pulled into the story and part of you felt like it could be true but part of you knew that it couldn’t be true because the stories were always so bizarre. Welcome to 2020, the year of the bizarre. Now I am a person of faith so I am praying that my daughter will recover quickly without any permanent damage or issues and I am believing that God will use, even this, for our good. This does not remove my propensity to feel like we are living in a a new episode of the Twilight Zone. Just waiting for Rod Sterling to say, “Not everything that meets the eye is as it appears”.