What’s Love Got to do With It

What’s Love Got to do With it? Actually, everything! We live in a very divided world right now and love isn’t something that is winning. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and many will spend time, money and energy trying to find just the right way to show the one that they love just how special they are. I think Valentine’s day has become a “Hallmark holiday” that retailers have capitalized upon but it does not have to be just that.

What if for tomorrow we try to show love to each other? Just a little extra kindness, gentleness and patience will change your whole day and someone else’s day as well. Someone said, “Love is a verb” and it is true. It costs us nothing to say “I love you” but what actions are we showing to back up our words. Talk is cheap and we love everything from our dog, to our cars, to Mexican food. Now I understand loving your dog, as they can be creatures of unconditional love but they are not people and we often find it harder to love people than our pets. Why is that true? Well I believe it is because our dog will rarely disagree with us, at least not verbally. Why are we finding it so hard to love those with whom we disagree? 

Since when do I have to agree with you on everything in order to love you? Diversity has made our country great and makes strong relationships as well. I rarely find people who are “just like me” but when I do I find them boring. I know what I think and how I feel but I have to care enough about you to get to know you and discover the things that you care about and are important to you. What keeps us away from people who are different from us? One word, FEAR. What are we afraid of? Might we discover new foods, new cultures, new people with families, values, beliefs and passions? I challenge you to celebrate Valentine’s day tomorrow by showing a little love and maybe even reaching out to someone whom you would otherwise find “a little scary” to see if your may find a friend. Jesus said, “Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for a friend”. Now I am not trying to radicalize you in one day but a day of peace and love would be great. We have had too much hate and too much violence! Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing love and being love. You might find you enjoy it so much that you keep at it!