Seen and Heard

There is a lie which has been propagated for years that children should be seen but not heard. Before you shout me down, I am not speaking of today’s generation of kids which have often been left to their own devices to control their lives and often those of the entire household. This is something of a swing which has happened as a result of many of their parents being raised as the “children should be seen and not heard ” generation. This writing is not about parenting but the idea.

This concept has often been incorporated into the church with regard to women. Which is one of the reasons lots of young women are rejecting organized religion or living under the lie that it is their place to just be quiet and raise their children while allowing and expecting their husbands to lead in everything and suffering in silence. Now I am not speaking of all churches because there are churches where this lie is being dispelled but it is still too prevalent and families are suffering because of it.

In our world today women are fed up and they are rebelling against Christianity because of this very lie. There are those leaders, such as, John and Lisa Bevere and John and Stacie Eldredge and others who are coming out in defense of Jesus, the great equalizer, among the sexes. Now I am not admonishing women to rebellion but I am admonishing them speak up. God has given you a voice for a purpose and it is time to be seen and heard.

He would not have given us a voice if we were not to use it. I believe it is the desire of every woman to be seen and heard by God, their families, children, friends, coworkers, and community. God gave us a voice to speak wisdom and insight to our husbands, children, and all of those under our influence. Now I am not saying that men do not have wisdom and insight but, as women, our wisdom and insight is unique. Women tend to be much more intuitive than do men and we are normally more relational so we have unique prospective that they need.

We can be gentle and kind and speak up and share our feelings.  We can be loving and still share our needs. We can speak up against abuse and bullying and still be honoring and submitted to those in authority over us. It is not an either or proposition and we are not called to be doormats for our husbands, children, coworkers, friends or families. God has positioned you wherever you find yourself with a voice to be both seen and heard. Pray for wisdom and discernment (He honors and answers this prayer) and speak up. The world needs to hear what you have to say.