Is it possible to be alone and yet not be lonely? Yes, it is. We have so gotten away from the idea of spending some time with our own thoughts and we have paid a price for it. Often, we are so busy and so entertained that we don’t feel comfortable being left alone with our own thoughts. All of the major philosophers and thinkers encourage us to spend some time alone. God encourages us in the Bible to take some time alone with him. Jesus often left the crowd to be alone with God and his own thoughts.

Spending time alone allows us to meditate and clear our mind. When we have decisions to make being alone allows us to think through our options. When we need to listen for direction and guidance from God we often need to be alone. Being alone allows us to enjoy our time with others more. While introverts need time alone to refocus and return to their center, even extroverts can benefit from time alone. Being alone and turning off the television and/or computer helps us to reframe our focus and is similar to rebooting your computer. We can let go of the thoughts that have us stuck. We can remember thoughts that we have forgotten in the clutter and chaos. We can focus on those thoughts that require our attention.

Give yourself the gift of some time alone. You will be glad you did and you may find that you are able to take care of something which you have forgotten or neglected. Your mind and body will thank you and you will enjoy the people in your life even more.

All men’s miseries are derived from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone. Blaise Pascal


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