Change is Hard

I often say, “The reason more people don’t change is that it is hard.” Change is never easy but neither is remaining the same. Often we change due to the realization that life is not working. This usually includes hitting a wall of some sort. The wall of health issues, the wall of loneliness, the wall of sadness and depression, the wall of “now what”. Often we are forced to change due to the decision of others. Change never begins with change. Change begins with choice. When we examine our lives and don’t like what we see, we must make a choice to begin the hard work of change. The choice is the first step. Once we choose change, there is a song that reasonates in the universe. Often those around us rejoice, as our friends and loved ones sometimes see the need for us to change long before we do. The choice to change will bring a sigh of relief even as it brings a gasp of trepidation. Where are you on the continuum? Have you began to examine your life? Have you recognized the need for change? Have you made the choice to change? If you have made that choice, share it with at least one other person. Accountability increases your chances of success.

The unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates



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